About Us

Our Church

Crewe Baptist Church, of Crewe, Virginia, is a relatively large Southern Baptist congregation in a rural town setting.  Our church was founded in 1888 and has approximately 150-200 attending members, in a town with a population of about 2,200 citizens.  Our church’s motto is “Upward, Inward, Outward,” and our church members are committed to many ministry programs that reflect our desire to fulfill these goals.  We have a strong Baptist Men’s program, various weekly and bi-weekly prayer meetings and suppers, and an active WMU.  Our church has RA and GA programs and a very successful VBS program, with attendance of about 150 children every year.  We are growing our 7th-12th grade youth group, and are taking 15 kids to summer camp this year.  We have been broadcasting our 11am Sunday service on 800AM for about 50 years to southside Virginia, and can now be heard world-wide through WSVS’s internet streaming and on 97.1FM.  

Our church currently has Sunday School at 9:30am and the morning worship service at 11:00, every Sunday.  The church has a large and talented choir, known as the “Chancel Choir."  We have a new very spirited pastor, Pastor Sean Lee, who is dedicated to preaching the inerrant word of God, reaching lost souls, and helping believers achieve a closer walk with God.  Crewe Baptist is endeavoring to make its facilities handicap accessible.  In recent years, the church has invested in a handicap accessible van, a wheel-chair accessible restroom, and the church has commissioned the construction of an elevator, which will allow all levels of the church building to be accessed. 

Crewe Baptist Church’s facilities are prominently located on the main highway, in the heart of Crewe.  The brick, Greek Revival sanctuary structure was erected in 1916, after a fire destroyed the original wood-framed building.  The educational building was constructed in the 1960’s, and continues to provide plentiful space for adult and children’s Sunday School activities.  The main sanctuary can seat about 300 people, and offers two digital projectors and multimedia capability.  The fellowship hall is located in the basement of the main building, and has a large, attached kitchen.  The youth group has a “lounge” that features ping pong, pool, foose ball, video games, a small kitchen, and an adaptable room and stage area.    Our church is also the home-church of the great “Lottie Moon.”  Many church groups visit our sanctuary every year to see the Lottie Moon stained glass window, which is an original feature of the 1916 sanctuary, and to visit her burial site at the Crewe Cemetery.   


Pastor Sean Lee

“I am 41 years young and believe one of my greatest strengths is my ability to relate to all ages.  I am somewhat old-fashioned, yet I recognize the challenges of today’s culture.  I also realize that churches cannot afford to do the same things over and over and expect different results.”

Personal Testimony

The separation of my parents at age 5 was tough on me.  At an early age, my mother made sure we attended church somewhere.  We bounced around from a Pentecostal Church to a Methodist Church and ultimately ended up in the Southern Baptist denomination.  I grew up playing many sports and love the outdoors.  At age 16, I made a profession of faith in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, at a youth retreat.  However, the way I lived my life from ages 16-26 suggested I was lost.  No fruit could be found during those years.  I enlisted in the United States Navy at age 18 and lived in sin for 4 years. 

Serving in the Navy equipped me in a variety of ways.  I learned how to adapt and overcome.  I also learned the value of teamwork.  Discipline, focus, and attention to detail are characteristics I have implemented into my ministerial work.  I am proud to be a veteran.  I received an honorable discharge at age 22 and moved to Jonesborough, Tennessee to live with my dad (in 1998) whom I had not lived with most of my life. 

I meandered for about 6 years, chasing the almighty dollar.  I was miserable and eventually came to the conclusion that I needed to make my relationship with Jesus my number one priority.  I felt God’s calling to the ministry and enrolled at Clear Creek Baptist Bible College.  Immediately, the Lord placed me in His service at a church that was experiencing a bad split.  I knew God gifted me to love on people.  I served as Interim Pastor and Senior Pastor while I attended Bible college.  Clear Creek equipped me in a mighty way.  I met my wife there, had 2 kids there, and cherish my days there. 

I enrolled at Southeastern Seminary in 2008.  I was also called to the church I currently pastor in October of 2008.  I received my Masters of Divinity in 2012.  After taking a year off from school, I enrolled in the Doctorate of Ministry program.  For the last 3 years, Dr. Chuck Lawless has mentored me.  I have a passion for church revitalization.  I earned a Doctorate of Ministry in Church Revitalization in December of 2016.

I am excited to see what God has in store for me and my family.  My education has prepared me in a variety of ways.  Helping churches wed a robust Missiology to a healthy Ecclesiology has been a driving focus of my ministry in the last 5 years.  I want to be a team player who help strengthen the local church.